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The Return of the rave 

 February 2022

Andy C caused a splash at The SSE Arena, Wembley in 2021 with an all-night rave! 

Popular for years in dance music subculture, all night raves have long been a staple of the underground scene. However, it takes a special DJ to bring this niche event into the mainstream.


The transformation from normal arena to mega dance rave took a phenomenal lighting design and a top-notch creative team.

Co-Designer and Video Director, Simon Harris (Observatory) took the lead in visuals, alongside Production Designer, Matt Pitman (Pixel Mappers).

Lights Control Rigging were brought in to provide lighting by video suppliers 80Six. With Rob Watson adding his expert industry knowledge to help bring the design by Pitman and Harris to life.


Describing the aims of the project, Simon Harris spoke to TPi Magazine (1) and had the following to say, “Although conversations started in spring, we really began to nail down the design at the end of the summer 2021,” he began. “Dan and I had already begun to have some conversations with Scott, Andy C’s manager, where the main mission was to ensure it was bigger and brighter than the 2018 rendition.”


To accomplish that ‘bigger and brighter’ goal, they decided to rig a whopping 62 GLP JDC1 strobes to cover the entirety of the truss. As the whole aim of a rave is to get people up and dancing, JDC’s were the ideal choice. Pitman told TPi (1) that “that part of the design could’ve carried the whole show.”

Alongside our JDC’s, we also provided Martin Mac Aura XB’s and Clay Paky Mythos. Discussing the need for the Mythos, our very own Rob Watson commented, 

“Mythos had the flexibility to provide lots of beam looks along with some textures with the gobos. As this was nine hours of non-stop music, it was essential to have as many tools as possible to play with.”

The show was a tremendous success and as massive Andy C fans, we were delighted to be invited to take part!

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