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Ed Sheeran Smashes records

 February 2022

2019 saw the end of Ed Sheeran’s phenomenal Divide Tour, where he travelled through six continents, performed at over 200 shows and sold an estimated 8.9 million tickets!

As we write, Ed Sheeran is currently the record holder for the highest-grossing tour ever, breaking an 8 year-long record set by U2.

However, it’s not just the numbers and talent of the star that made this tour legendary. 

Show Designer Mark Cunniffe delivered a dynamic video set and versatile lighting rig, utilising a grand total of 142 moving lights and 17 LED strobes. This killer combination, along with Cunniffe’s masterful creativity and skill, created the sensational rig, admired by lighting professionals around the globe.

Lights Control Rigging were extremely proud to support the three-year tour with a lighting package to bring Cunniffe’s vision to life. 


LED tiles and lighting came together to create a colossal, curved structure, a unique feature of the tour, which adds just one more memorable feature to the long list.

Kinesys controlled pods made four triangles in the underside of the LED structure and Clay Paky Mythos 2 lighting fixtures were a key component of the design.

Mark Cunniffe spoke to PLSN (1) on the decision and had this to say,

“I knew I could hang it on its side, it’s relatively light and it could fit through an aperture.  I could hide 30 to 40 percent of the unit behind the structure, and you just saw the aperture and the lens: It looked as though it was built into the production, as opposed to being hung on it.”

All the team involved in bringing this magnificent tour together deserve the highest of praise. Special congratulations to Production Manager Chris Marsh, Programmer Alex Passmore and Operator Matt Jones! 


We spent a fantastic 893 days on the road with Ed in between 2017-2019, providing equipment and crew worldwide and couldn’t be prouder!    

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