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A new year in London

 February 2022

Nothing brings in the New Year quite like London’s city-wide welcome display and 2021 into 2022 was no exception!

With millions tuned into BBC1’s 13-minute show, lighting designer Durham Marenghi and associate LD Paul Cook gave the audience something to remember with the absolutely stunning lighting show, spread across the city.

Lights Control Rigging provided a hundred Clay Paky Mythos to light the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral and used Robert Juliat Victor followspots from the Tate museum to highlight the amazing Hamilton actor Giles Terera, who read Thomas Roberts’ poem marking the events of the year on the millennium bridge.

A full moving light rig went into the famous Globe Theatre to provide a platform for the incomparable West End Musical Choir to sing us into the new year.

Expert production by Jack Morton Worldwide on behalf of The Major of London for this unforgettable display, and a very fitting beginning for a year filled of hope and optimism of a return to normality. 

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